Monday, February 25, 2013

Aku bukan Hana Tajima! on the way..

Haaa entry kali ni bukan Aku bukan Hana Tajina! 14 ye.
Rosebud says: Many had adviced me to send this story to publisher as soon as I can. mainly it's because of copyright. they said, people could control c and control v my story and send it to publisher and make it as theirs.
They've got a point you know and it really occurs to me that people could actually do it. not all people are as nice as we thought they would be.
anyway, I'm thinking of finishing this story as fast as I can and then send it to   few publishers. Hope you guys can support me all the way. mohon doa daripada kalian. thanks all. love ya. ^^

WARNING! do not copy-paste 'Aku bukan Hana Tajima!' ^^

aigatou minna san <3


Cik Kasim Patalon said...

i do hope u'll finish this story, so i can ctrl c and ctrl v it...

Rosebud said...

Cik Kasim, untuk awak, saya sanggup habiskan cite ni ^^

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